Sample Profit and Loss Form

What is profit and loss form?

Profit and loss tool is most important part of any business. It has become the most helpful tool for the business when it comes to reporting the performance of the business. With the help of profit and loss form, you can easily know about the revenue which the business has made and also the expenses of the business.

Profit and loss form is needed when you have to apply for the funds for your business from bank or from the investors. You can create a very healthy financial base with the help of profit and loss form. With the help of profit and loss form, a company can also project its financial position in near future. The amount of taxes which you have to pay can also be calculated from the profit and loss form.


Profit and loss are two basic terminologies which are used by every businessman these days. It is the most concerned aspect of any business. The profit and loss form is used to predict the future earnings of a company. It used to check the revenue, expenses and most of the gains and losses which a company faced during a specific period of time.

The period of time, for which profit and loss form can be used may vary from business to business. It can cover a year, 6 months, etc. the document is also useful for the creation of other helpful documents such as balance sheet, income statement etc. whenever you want to apply for any kind of loan, you will have to submit his profit and loss form which will act as the evidence. It can be regarded as one of the most significant document which is being used these days by all the businesses.

Free Profit and Loss Form

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