Performance Assessment Form

This assessment form is prepared and filled by office management for analyzing the performance of their employees. If you are running a successful company or have newly started your business at a smaller scale, in both cases you need to keep a check at the performance level of your employees with the help of a performance assessment form. Some important questions are provided in the form that are to be answered by the employee regarding his work, increments, bonus, promotions and other issues concerning an employee.

The employee can also write about the kind of interaction that he has with his other colleagues and management. In this way you will be able to understand how well has an employee got along with others in the office and what are his capabilities to work as a team member. A performance assessment form brings about positive changes in your work environment and improves the overall performance of your employees as well. Download link has been mentioned below for this free sampleĀ performance assessment form template.


Free Performance Assessment Form

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