Marriage Affidavit

What is marriage affidavit?

A marriage affidavit is a legal document which is used to provide the proof of the legal union of two people. It is a document which is legally binding. The document has much importance and it cannot be taken lightly by anyone. There are several reasons which make it crucial for everyone to use the marriage affidavit in their life. There can be different types of laws related to the marriage affidavit and different formats for drafting the marriage affidavit can also be followed.

Usually, you are required to get a marriage affidavit form when you are requested to validate your marriage because you are unable to do so due to misplacement your marriage certificate. The verification of the marriage certificate is done in affidavit form under the oath.


The marriage verification is usually needed when you want to apply for foreign visa, any account or insurance. In this form, you declare that you are legally married to your spouse on a specific date which is also compulsory to mention in the form. If you are divorced, then you can also use the marriage affidavit form to prove your former marriage.

The marriage affidavit form depends on the state of residence and also on the purpose for which the affidavit is being drafted. The person who needs this form is required to sign the form in front of one witness at least. After signing the document, you should also notarize it from a notary public. There are several procedures of every state to recognize the legally binding documents and since marriage affidavit is also a legal document, you must need to follow the procedures for its recognition as well. There are several benefits of binding marriage in the state, which you can only avail in the presence of marriage affidavit.

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