Job Application Form Template

What is job application form?

An employment form which is filled by an individual seeking the job or employment is called job application form. The person who fills out the form is called the applicant. Through the job application form, the applicant actually informs the employee about the availability of the person for the job position. In this form, the applicant also shows the desire to be hired.

Any application has lots of purposes. The purpose of the application depends on the nature of the application as well as the job. Each organization has a separate job application form which is used to reflect the environment of the organization. The applicant is required to provide the sufficient information to the employer through the job application form and he or she should also demonstrate that he or she is legally permitted to have this job.


A typical job application form requires the applicant to provide the information about the job relevant skills, the qualification and also the experience. The application form also serves as a simple test which assesses the communication skills and the literacy level of the applicant.

The job application form should be filled with great care since a poorly filled form can disqualify a person from the job. Sometimes, the application form also requires the applicant to demonstrate all the background details in the form and he is also required to disclose the criminal record. The preferred time on the job and the availability of the applicant should also be mentioned in the application.

With the form, the applicant can also submit the resume and the cover letter. This puts very positive impression on the audience. There are some businesses or companies, who allow the applicant to fill the form online. The form should be filled with great care while filling the forms online.

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