General Affidavit Form

What is an affidavit?

It is required to file the affidavit when you want to apply to the court. An affidavit is a legal document written in formal tone which includes the facts of your case. The affidavit acts as evidence in the case. The main way through which any evidence in the court is represented is the affidavit. Sometimes the evidences in the case are so complex; the affidavit is also prepared accordingly.

In the affidavit form, the information about the personal matters of the person is included. Sometimes, instead of including personal information personal opinion can be included. When an individual has the capacity to understand the complexity and importance of the oath, he can offer the affidavit.


Sometimes, an individual is represented before the judge on behalf of someone who is severely ill. Only that person can be represented on behalf of other who has a close relationship with that person. It is very important to give the right and true information in the affidavit. Anyone who gives false information in the affidavit and his false information is proven in the court then he will be given the committed contempt of court.

The affidavit form may be required by the person in some very common cases such as in divorce proceedings, debt cases and also in disputes related to poetry. In case of the dispute, the court asks for presenting affidavit.
Those people who are asked to use the affidavit should know the reasons to use the affidavit and also the circumstances in which it becomes important to use the affidavit document. Some people also employ a solicitor who tells when to use the affidavit.

Preparing the affidavit is not an easy task. The factors which the court considers while making any decision are needed to be added in the affidavit.

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general Affidavit Form

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