Driving License Application Form

It is not so easy to acquire a driving license. There are several conditions which are required to be fulfilled before you get a driving license. The first requirement to get the driving license is that the person who has applied for it should be physically fit. There should not be any medical disorder or the disability in the person which makes it difficult for the person to drive safely. The proof of the fitness of the person is represented to get the driving license. This proof is in the form of medical examination certificate. According to the law in most of the countries, the medical examination certificate should not be older than 2 years. The driving license medical form is the main document to get the driving license. Any person who wants to get the driving license is required to fill the form as a prerequisite.

In order to fill the driving license form, a person is required to undertake a complete medical check-up. The check-up should be performed by the registered physician. The name and the signatures of the physician should be there on the form along the name and the signatures of the applicant. The driving license application form has a checklist which is used to get the information about the person who has applied for the driving license. The checklist evaluates whether the person wears the corrective glasses or not, needs hearing aid and also the other information.


Before the driving license is granted to the person, a driving test is taken. Apart from the information provided in the form, the test also plays a major role in deciding that whether the person should be given the license or not.

The details which are included in the driving license application form are the personal details of the person which includes the name, DOB and other details. The DOB is the most important information since there is an age limit for getting the driving license.

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